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Funding Programs

Funding Programs

The Centre on Aging has two formal funding programs to support aging research conducted by University of Calgary faculty members. We also provide matching funds for research projects on a case-by-case basis. Contact us to find out more.

Catalyst Grants

Catalyst grants are awarded for early-stage research projects that have the potential to leverage larger external funding. Principal investigators must be a member of the O’Brien Institute for Public Health to apply. Our Centre does not review applications for scientific rigor; this is done by the O’Brien Institute. Applications that pass the initial scientific review are considered by our Centre. Funds are awarded to projects that are relevant to our goals and interests. For more information about these grants, please visit the O’Brien Institute’s catalyst funding page.

CLSA Support Grants

Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA) support grants cover the $3,000 data access fees for University of Calgary research projects using data from this national study. Faculty members must apply directly to the CLSA for data access. To learn about the application process and data available, please visit the CLSA’s website. To inquire about these grants, contact the Centre on Aging. Proof that your project has been approved by the CLSA and the University’s Research Ethics Board is required to receive these funds.

Note: Graduate students and post-doctoral scholars who wish to obtain data for the sole purpose of their project may request a fee waiver from the CLSA. 

Past Recipients

  1. 2022

    Prism Schneider (Medicine)
    Title of research: Evaluating provincial implementation of a timely hip fracture care pathway for patients on pre-injury oral anticoagulation

  2. 2020

    Yeonjung Lee (Social Work)
    Title of research: Aging in community: A perspective from older adults on accessibility to necessary resources

  3. 2018

    Ilyan Ferrer (Social Work)
    Title of research: Digital storytelling and dementia care for intergenerational, racialized, and immigrant families in Calgary

    Meghan McDonough (Kinesiology)
    Title of research: Social participation, physical activity, and resilience among older adults

    Lara Nixon (Medicine)
    Title of research: Improving access to integrated health care and housing for older adults experiencing homelessness, addictions, and mental health challenges

  4. 2016

    David Hogan (Medicine)
    Title of research: Investigating perceptions of architectural design that supports aging in place: Reactions of stakeholders to laneway house design

    Lara Nixon (Medicine)
    Title of research: Peter Coyle Place: A case study of an innovative approach to housing older adults with high and complex health and social needs

  1. 2019

    Yeonjung Lee (Social Work)
    Title of research: Improving informal caregivers’ health: Understanding the role of social engagement and health behaviours in influencing multiple health outcomes

    Meghan McDonough (Kinesiology)
    Title of research: Social support and physical activity in older adults: Identifying predictors across vulnerable populations