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  1. A-H

    Philip Barber
    (403) 210-3881
    Dementia and cognitive disorders, stroke
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    Reed Beall
    (403) 220-4736
    Equitable drug innovation and access
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    Emma Billington
    Osteoporosis, fracture risk estimation, bone mineral density
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    Veronica Bruno
    (403) 220-7572
    Movement disorders, Parkinson’s disease
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    Darren Burback
    (403) 943-4881
    Geriatric medicine, medical education
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    Kirsten Fiest
    (403) 944-0747
    Psychiatric and cognitive outcomes, critical care, mental health, delirium
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    Christine Friedenreich
    (403) 698-8009
    Cancer epidemiology, prevention, physical activity
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    Zahra Goodarzi
    (403) 944-3277
    Geriatric medicine, dementia and cognitive disorders, movement disorders
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    Bradley Goodyear
    (403) 944-8354
    Epilepsy, movement disorders, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury
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    Heather Hanson
    Mobility, prevention of falls and fractures, health promotion decision-making
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    Brenda Hemmelgarn
    (403) 210-6664
    Health services, chronic kidney disease and other health conditions
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    David Hogan
    (403) 220-8474
    Geriatric medicine, health services, gerontechnology, social policy, environmental design
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    Jayna Holroyd-Leduc
    (403) 944-8222
    Geriatric medicine, dementia and cognitive disorders
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  2. I-N

    Zahinoor Ismail
    (403) 210-6900
    Dementia and cognitive disorders, mental health, neuropsychiatry, depression
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    Colin Josephson
    (403) 210-3904
    Clinical decision rules and predictive modelling of interventions for epilepsy
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    Julia Kirkham
    (403) 944-1296
    Geriatric mental health, quality improvement, medication prescribing, dementia
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    Bonnie Lashewicz
    (403) 220-4980
    Family support and health, intersectional research, critical theory
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    Joon Lee
    (403) 220-2968
    Applying data science to intensive care medicine, aging, and population health surveillance
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    Ki-Young Lee
    (403) 220-8723
    Neurodegeneration, neural system development and plasticity
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    Myles Leslie
    (403) 220-5489
    Health services, patient engagement, elder care, trust in government
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    Kenneth Lukowiak
    (403) 220-6872
    Causal neuronal mechanisms of learning, memory formation, and forgetting
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    Kerry McBrien
    (403) 210-8625
    Health economics and services, chronic disease management, primary care
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    Jacqueline McMillan
    Frailty, HIV-infected older adults
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    Minh Dang Nguyen
    (403) 210-5494
    Neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders
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  3. O-Z

    Bruce Pike
    (403) 220-4026
    Magnetic resonance imaging, dementia and cognitive disorders, movement disorders
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    Marc Poulin
    (403) 220-8372
    Mechanisms regulating cerebral blood flow, aging brain, exercise
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    Karl Riabowol
    (403) 220-8695
    Cancer, molecular biology, bioinformatics
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    Melanie Rock
    (403) 210-8585
    Human-animal relationships, aging-in-place with companion animals, social justice
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    Paul Ronksley
    (403) 220-8820
    Clinical profiles of patients with multi-morbidity, health care utilization and spending
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    Dallas Seitz
    (403) 210-6867
    Health services, dementia and cognitive disorders, mental health
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    Robert Sheldon
    (403) 220-8191
    Cardiovascular autonomic disorders, syncope, diagnosis and treatment strategies
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    Eric Smith
    (403) 944-1594
    Vascular contributions to cognitive decline and dementia
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    Marcello Tonelli
    Health care, chronic kidney disease and other noncommunicable diseases
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    Ann Toohey
    (403) 210-7208
    Human-animal relationships, age-friendly cities, public health ethics and social justice
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  1. A-Z

    Hartmut Krentz
    (403) 220-4699
    Aging, HIV/AIDS, applied medical anthropology
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  1. A-Z

    Jeff Caird
    (403) 220-8441
    Aging, healthcare human factors, patient safety
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    Brandy Callahan
    (403) 220-7291
    Aging, neurogenerative disorders, neuropsychology
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    Richard Dyck
    (403) 220-4206
    Aging, cerebral cortex development, cortical plasticity, neurodegenerative disorders
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    Candace Konnert
    (403) 220-4976
    Psychosocial aspects of aging, clinical geropsychology, planning for future aging
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  1. A-Z

    Alex Bierman
    (403) 220-6226
    Aging and health, social psychology, religion, military sociology, family
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    Naomi Lightman
    (403) 220-8469
    Immigrants, work and occupation, social inequality, social justice
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  1. A-K

    Patricia Doyle-Baker
    (403) 220-7034
    Aging and fatigue, injury prevention, overtraining syndrome, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis
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    Sarah Kenny
    (403) 220-2770
    Dance, injury prevention, psychosocial aspects of health and sport
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    Arthur Kuo
    (403) 220-7388
    Biomechanics, mobility, prosthetics
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  2. M-Z

    Meghan McDonough
    (403) 220-7211
    Physical activity, social relationships, motivation, stress, coping, emotion
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    Juan Murias
    (403) 220-7955
    Exercise training interventions, cardiovascular function, aging and disease
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    Chantelle Zimmer
    Physical activity, social predictors and outcomes, motivation
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  1. A-Z

    Lorian Hardcastle
    (403) 220-2038
    Regulation and governance of the healthcare system, public health law and policy
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  1. A-Z

    Gwen McGhan
    (403) 220-2724
    Care of older adults, caregiver outcomes, quality improvement, transitional care
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    Kimberly Shapkin
    (403) 220-2464
    Nurse practitioner practice, symptom management for older adults
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    Shane Sinclair
    (403) 220-2925
    Psychosocial and spiritual issues within oncology and palliative care
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    Lorraine Venturato
    (403) 220-6444
    Gerontological workforce development, models of care, frail older adults, dementia
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  1. A-Z

    Petronella Hermann
    (403) 220-3573
    Cellular and molecular mechanisms of neuronal aging
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    Willem Wildering
    (403) 220-5283
    Cellular and molecular mechanisms of neuronal aging and neurodegeneration
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  1. A-Z

    Ashratuz Zavin Asha
    Human-computer interaction, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles
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    Ehud Sharlin
    (403) 210-9404
    Human-robot interaction, human-computer interaction, interfaces, virtual and mixed reality
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  1. A-H

    Victoria Burns
    (403) 220-4309
    Gerontology, disability, homelessness, mental health
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    Cari Gulbrandsen
    (403) 220-4310
    Marginalized older adults, resilience, aging-in-place
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    Jennifer Hewson
    (403) 210-6346
    Age-friendly cities, service delivery, social policy
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  2. I-Z

    Yeonjung Lee
    (403) 220-2031
    Outcomes of caregiving, aging-in-place, long-term care
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    David Nicholas
    (780) 492-8094
    Aging, disability, health, mental health, wellness
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    Christine Walsh
    (403) 220-2274
    Service delivery, elder abuse, social inclusion and support
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  1. A-Z

    John Brown
    (403) 220-6606
    Housing, aging-in-place, home health, mass customizations, architectural entrepreneurship
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    Fabian Neuhaus
    (403) 210-3857
    Temporal aspects of the urban environment, aging-in-place, accessibility
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  1. A-Z

    Ann Barcomb
    (403) 210-6631
    Ageism, software engineering, open source, community management
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    Sayeh Bayat
    Artificial intelligence, smart cities, health monitoring, mobility and driving, healthy aging
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    Lorenzo De Carli
    Smart device security, home network security, cybersecurity for the elderly
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    Elise Fear
    (403) 210-5413
    Biomedical applications of multi-modality imaging and sensing, aging-in-place
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    Svetlana Yanushkevich
    (403) 210-5410
    Biometric technologies, machine reasoning, healthcare monitoring systems
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