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Alberta Liberal Leader and Institute member Dr. David Swann has been vocal in his calls for the government to declare an emergency, saying a lot more work needs to be done by the province to create a coordinated approach to tackle overdose deaths.

Institute members Susan Cork and Sylvia Checkley discuss the use of antimicrobial agents in humans, animals and crops that has contributed to the global problem of antimicrobial resistance.

Beverly Sandalack pens report to spur discussion about the vital role parks play in Canada’s cities.

Gavin McCormack says Influencing health at the individual level alone is not enough to create a healthy population.

Rebecca Haines-Saah says a legal age for cannabis use of 18 makes sense because people in the 18 to 24 demographic are the greatest users of cannabis.

Not so fast: Health care needs reform before marijuana is legalized, says U of A professor

O'Brien Institute forum engages medical community and public in discussion around cannabis legalization. 

Globe and Mail health reporter André Picard will reflect on three decades of covering Canadian health care at Calgary book launch on May 17. 

Drivers will need to break some bad habits to stop the scourge of distracted driving, Institute member Jeff Caird says. 

Since they were first established child benefits in Canada have changed significantly in their intention, their recipients, and their method of delivery. Here’s an eight-step guide to that evolution from Nick Falvo

Dr. Gavin McCormack says there’s accumulating evidence that sedentary behavior – which includes sitting in cars as well as too much screen time – is associated with a host of adverse health effects. 

Sauerkraut, kimchee and yogurt are popular probiotic fermented foods, but do they help promote oral health? Dr. Eddy Lang says the science isn't there to back up these claims. 

Dr. Grant Innes says much of the problem of overcrowding may be solved if hospitals improve their management of existing beds.

University of Calgary kinesiology researchers, including Institute member Carolyn Emery, lead process endorsed by major world sport bodies

O'Brien Institute scientific director Dr. William Ghali, and Michael Schull, CEO of the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES), talk 'Big Data,' and their roles as newly minted co-directors of the International Data Linkages Network.

Dr. Grant Innes finds patients are spending an average of about 48,000 hours a year in ERs due to being "blocked" from entry into other wards.