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Enhanced health systems performance

Alberta, and Canada's health care system is not sustainable, Institute researchers are working to change that


William Ghali speaks to a panel at an eHealth event

Canada's health care system must embrace the potential of digital communication.

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Institute informs, drives provincial eHealth strategy.

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Informing provincial eHealth strategy, patient experience.

Enhanced health systems performance

In its present state, our health care system is not sustainable. Currently more than $0.50 of every tax dollar is directed toward health care. In addition, Canadians are aging and more than 60 per cent of us have a chronic disease needing care. 

One of the Institute’s primary goals is to achieve transformational change in our health care system. We are searching for ways to Make Care Better. Our interdisciplinary team of researchers work together to address health care needs through evidence-based practice, technology evaluation, and educational outreach. 

    Some research priorities in this area include:  

    • providing medical care in the home
    • improving the design of medical devices, environments systems, and procedures
    • using eHealth tools for better care
    • enhancing the patient and family care experience 

    The O'Brien Institute and its members are part of a variety of research-enabling relationships.