Public Events

Our Centre on Aging events provide networking and knowledge mobilization opportunities for researchers, trainees, government representatives, healthcare providers, community organizations, and community members at large. We are committed to involving older adults and others with lived experience whenever appropriate and feasible. We promote age-positive framings such as resilience, while recognizing that deficit-oriented issues such as frailty also merit prevention and intervention. The Centre hosts several of its events in partnership with others.

Growing Old, Growing Smart: Exploring Technologies and Innovations that Support Older Albertans

Thinking “Small” for Facility-Based Continuing Care in Alberta

Infection Control vs. Isolation: Striking a Balance for Long-Term Care Residents During COVID-19

Rapid Solutions for COVID-19 in Continuing Care: Virtual Reverse Trade Show

Beyond Housing: We’re Not Ready for the Shelf

Town Hall on Frailty and Resilience in an Aging Alberta

Resilience in Aging: Exploring People, Places, and Policies

Aging-Related Seminars