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Submitted by aedowd on Wed, 01/02/2013 - 12:01pm

Institute member Dr. Michael Hill was recently awarded a Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada Award of Merit for his contribution to stroke treatment research.

Institute member Deborah Marshall says that estimating and projecting the productivity costs of work loss due to Osteoarthritis are critical steps to creating public health policies for meeting the growing challenge posed by the disease.

Celiac disease takes centre stage in new exercise study

A study aimed at helping more than 110,000 Canadians living with celiac disease has been given a boost thanks to a Seed Grant from the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Kinesiology. Researchers Raylene Reimer, Guillaume Millet, Justine Dowd, and Institute member Nicole Culos-Reed are studying holistic, evidence-based approaches to help patients with celiac disease.

Unleashing healthcare innovation in Canada - Featuring Dr. David Naylor


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