The O'Brien Institute mission is to advance public health through research excellence.

Areas of focus

Healthier Populations

Our goal is to improve health equity and the conditions that determine health.

Strategy: Establish a health equity hub that fosters collaborative intersectional research to address the upstream determinants of population health inequities.

Strategy: Enhance research that examines the underlying causes of morbidity and mortality in populations across all ages and that identifies and accelerates the use of prevention strategies to improve population health.

Better Health Care

Our goal is to transform health care so that sustainable high quality health care is available to all people.

Strategy: Establish a health system partnered program to embed research into health care delivery to foster continuous quality improvement and innovation.

Strategy: Expand our capacity to adapt, evaluate and implement digital technologies for better health care.

Thought Leadership

Our goal is to solve complex public health challenges with great ideas and resolve.

Strategy: Establish a knowledge exchange strategy that brings academic scholars together with citizens, health practitioners, governments, businesses, and non-governmental organizations to collectively tackle public health challenges.

Strategy: Grow a public health innovation ecosystem to increase the impact of our research.

Strategy: Bring geographically distributed experts together into a virtual health policy centre to advance evidence informed considerations of health in all policies.