To produce new knowledge through academic excellence in order to inform public policy for health

Three priority themes guiding research to practice

Improved population health

Improved population health

The O’Brien Institute’s leading edge research programs in Population Health and Inequities focus on the health of the entire population, taking into account the environmental, social, and economic factors that determine our health potential. We research new ways to improve health and prevent disease in the general population.

Enhanced health system performance

Enhanced health systems performance

In its present state, our health care system is not sustainable. Currently more than $0.50 of every tax dollar is directed towards health care. In addition, Canadians are aging and more than 60 per cent of us have a chronic disease needing care. One of the Institute’s primary goals is to achieve transformational change in our health care system.

Lights of a city

Big data, innovative tools and methods for public health

Over the last decade there have been huge advances in the amount of data we generate and collect in all aspects of our lives, as well as in our ability to use technology to analyze and understand it. The intersection of these societal trends is called Big Data and Smart Analytics, and it is helping us shape health care to become more efficient and productive.