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Membership Overview

O'Brien Institute for Public Health members are directly engaged in research, education, knowledge translation, service delivery, or community engagement that impacts on the health and well-being of the people of Calgary, Alberta, and Canada.

Members are committed to advancing the O'Brien Institute's Vision and Mission, to raising awareness of the Institute, and to fostering its financial support. Terms and conditions of membership are outlined further below and in the Institute's Membership Agreement.


Benefits of Membership

Networking:  Opportunities to share knowledge and form trans-disciplinary partnerships and linkages with population and public health researchers, practitioners, decision-makers, and the communities they serve. Please see the results of the 2015 Relationship Survey as an indication of this networking.

Grant Application Support:  Internal peer review of grant proposals, adapted to various funding opportunities. Reviewers include researchers and practitioners who are either specialists in the same field as the applicant or who have been successful in the same grant competition.

O'Brien Institute Mentorship Program: This program aims to build information and support for a successful career in research, teaching, and service. Mentor/mentee pairings among members will be established at your request to support your needs from development of a research program to building research partnerships, developing supervisory skills, to getting those manuscripts published. 

Research Infrastructure and Knowledge Translation Platforms:  Access to members-only intranet (Sharepoint ©) site, data resources, shared meeting facilities, seminar and events opportunities, and communications and events expertise.  See here for additional information.

Membership Responsibilities

  • Subscribe to the Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives, and Principles of the Institute
  • Commit to engage in interdisciplinary research
  • Be meaningfully involved in graduate education in the field
  • Attend and participate in Institute meetings
  • Contribute to the collaborative and interdisciplinary activities of the Institute (e.g., seminars, journal clubs, brainstorming, peer review and support for grants, outreach)
  • Share relevant resources (e.g., training opportunities, data sets, guest lecturers)
  • Link with partners in ways that foster knowledge translation and exchange

It is expected that members will acknowledge the O'Brien Institute in all grant applications, publications, presentations, and interviews; will provide timely access to their publications and/or reports; and will submit annual activity reports. Additionally, members will be expected to offer their assistance in raising awareness of the Institute and fostering its financial support.


To Join

  • Review the full Membership Agreement
  • Complete the Membership Form,
    To complete the form, save the file to your computer, enter your information in the form's fields, and save your changes.
  • Submit the completed form to
    Please state "Membership Application" or "Membership Update" (as appropriate) in the subject line.

New applications will be reviewed for approval by the Institute's Executive Committee.


Trainees and Research Staff

Trainees and research staff whose supervisors are members of the O'Brien Institute for Public Health are welcome at O'Brien IPH events and may wish to receive notifications from O'Brien IPH via email.  Members should forward the names and email addresses of interested trainees and staff to