About the Health Equity HUB

Students at the Health Equity HUB launch event

What is the Health Equity HUB?

The O’Brien Institute Health Equity HUB will act as a platform for researchers across the University of Calgary to collaborate with governments and community agencies. The alliance will mobilize health equity research into innovative changes to policy and practice, addressing persistent and challenging structural problems that can only be solved through a focus on health equity.

Purpose of the HUB

The Health Equity HUB purpose is to support health equity scholars to translate research into social change, and to make improvements in service delivery (health care and community programs).


The Health Equity HUB mission is ethical research grounded in relationships to bring to life community-led impact to society and advance health for all by addressing inequities.


To be a trusted source of community connection, partnership, knowledge sharing and health research skills that aligns research activities to community priorities.   

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