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  • Providing timely, reliable, friendly, and efficient service to our members and stakeholders is the way we can leverage our talents and experience to positively impact society.
  • We can embody many of the Institute’s core principles, including its commitment to creating and using rigorous evidence, to inclusivity, and to equity in our own behaviours (including, respectively: remaining current in our fields of expertise, being open-minded and flexible to change, adopting best-practices; accounting for the enormous scope of the Institute’s membership and mandate when developing support programs, and striving for appropriate representation (including patients and other community partners) in our work; and respecting all members, independent of their position, affiliation, research area, or stature.)
  • Being realistic about our service capacity (in the face of the heavy workload we manage) and being honest in our appraisals/advice to stakeholders may be challenging for us in the short-term, but this integrity ultimately benefits the Institute as a whole. 
  •  Our own health is important, both to model good work/life balance to our members and stakeholders, and to maintain our long-term productivity. We therefore limit overtime work, take the University-proscribed amount of vacation time, prioritize our families, and engage in professional development. We support each other in our various cycles of high-stress and value each other’s contributions and efforts.