Journal Clubs and other seminars

The O'Brien Institute for Public Health is the home of a variety of research groups all of which are active and always bustling with something going on. Below are the groups that have developed their own series of events in the form of journal clubs, workshops or seminars. While the Institute does its best to promote as much information as possible to the membership about what is happening, there is sometimes just too much to cover it all. That is why you can come here and find more information on upcoming events, seminars and journal clubs that are taking place throughout the year.

The Office of Health and Medical Education Scholarship (OHMES) Journal Club and Events

Below is a listing of the various regularly scheduled events that OHMES hosts:

Periodic lunch hour seminars with visiting guest speakers in medical education scholarshipMed Ed

A weekly medical education journal club. Anyone with an interest in medical education is welcome

A guide to developing, running and disseminating successful scholarly educational projects

This inaugural event showcased work in health and medical education scholarship, and encouraged collaborations among researchers with common interests