Internal Peer Review

Supporting Institute members preparing funding applications in the areas of population and health services research

The primary funding competition supported by the IPR program is the CIHR Project Scheme, which runs in two cycles, Fall and Spring. Specific timelines for the Institute's IPR process are usually announced in June and November respectively. However, applications for IPR are welcome at any time. The Institute offers IPR of applications in the areas of population and health services research throughout the year, for other grant funding opportunities of CIHR (eg. Foundation Scheme) or other agencies (e.g., SSHRC, Heart and Stroke Foundation, etc.) for all interested Institute members.

If you want to participate in the Institute's IPR process, you should register your "Intent to Apply" for grant funding. It is generally recommended that registration for IPR be completed a minimum of two months in advance of the application deadline in order to allow reasonable time for the entire IPR process.

The Cumming School of Medicine further requires that CIHR applications be subject to an Institute IPR process in order for faculty members to be eligible for the Cumming School of Medicine bridge funding program. Note that this program is only available to faculty members within the Cumming School of Medicine.

If you suggest/request reviewers, they will be vetted for appropriateness (i.e., do they have relevant research and/or grant experience?) prior to us initiating contact with them. If you do not suggest/request reviewers, the Institute will identify and invite at least two potential reviewers.

The O'Brien Institute will act as a brokering service, connecting applicants and peer reviewers. The remainder of the review process will be directed by the applicant, with support from the Institute if required. Applicants are responsible for advising reviewers of timelines and deadlines and the type of feedback they are seeking for their application. Applicants will also direct reviewers as to how they would like to receive the feedback, and will set up face-to-face meetings if desired. The applicant is also required to report to the O'Brien Institute on completion of the review process. 

Note that the IPR process for some opportunities (e.g. salary awards; large or special programs) is augmented or modified from the basic process outlined above. 

For more information regarding the O'Brien Institute's IPR process, contact

Cumming School of Medicine members:

CSM has created an online IPR registration tool and expects all CSM members of Institutes to use it. All CSM applicants will have access to the online tool using their U of C login information. The O'Brien Institute requests information supplemental to what you are required to enter into the online IPR registration tool, via the O'Brien-IPR Upload Attachment Form. Taken together, the online registration and supplemental information form (to be uploaded as an attachment in the online registration) alert the Institute to your intention to submit a grant proposal and provide us with basic details about you and your grant application.

Members external to the Cumming School of Medicine:

Please complete this Registration “long form” and submit to