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Internal Peer Review

Supporting Institute members preparing funding applications in the areas of population and health services research

Spring 2024 Timelines for CIHR Project grants


Equivalent timelines apply to other granting opportunities’ deadlines

Jan. 8, 2024

O’Brien deadline to register for Panel IPR

Feb. 7, 2024

CIHR registration deadline

O'Brien IPR registration deadline

March 4, 2024

UofC internal submission deadline at noon

March 6, 2024

CIHR submission deadline

Internal Peer Review (IPR) is believed to increase a research program's impact, feasibility, and funding application’s chance of success in an external competition. 

Additional benefits include networking with relevant members of the Institute and, possibly, eligibility for potential Bridge Funding opportunities. To participate in one of the Institute's IPR-based support programsregister your request, allowing reasonable time to complete the desired review process.

The ‘decision tree’ and the explanations of each support program provide context regarding the overall suite of IPR-based programs.  “Regular IPR” is currently the Institute’s most-accessed program; Panel IPR and Chalk Talks were new additions in 2021, and are now available in hybrid (virtual/in-person) format.

Project planning and grant application support

decision tree

Sample timeline of project-specific support programs

Sample timeline of project-specific and programmatic support programs,

IPR-based Support Program notes

Answers to frequently asked IPR questions. 

Primary funding

The primary funding competition supported by the IPR program is the CIHR Project opportunity, which runs in two cycles, Fall and Spring. Specific timelines for the Institute's IPR processes are usually announced in June and November respectively

IPR registrations

IPR Registrations are welcome at any time throughout the year, for all interested Institute members, and for most significant grant funding opportunities in the areas of population health and health services research (including other grant funding opportunities of CIHR or other agencies (e.g., SSHRC, NSERC, Heart and Stroke Foundation, etc.)

When is IPR not offered?

IPR is not usually offered for studentships, for opportunities wherein the competition is mainly internal (e.g. URGC, MSI, PetroCan Young Investigators), for industry grants, nor for awards less than $100,000

Make sure to check the member directory

It is highly recommended that registrants scan the Member Directory for desired review expertise, or otherwise determine relevant internal reviewers to propose.

Member directory

Vetting process

If registrants propose/request reviewers, they will be vetted for appropriateness (e.g., do they have relevant research and/or grant experience?) prior to Institute staff initiating contact with them. If registrants do not suggest/request reviewers, the Institute team will (take longer to) identify and invite reviewers.

Honoraria for external peer reviewers

To get advice from specialists/experts not available in the Institute, following and augmenting Institute-level IPR, members can apply to CSM for honoraria for external peer reviewers

Honoraria for external peer reviewers

Institutional environment

For application questions about the environment in which research will be conducted, read the overview.

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