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Information about office space, workstations for faculty members, research staff and employees, and other resources

Department of Community Health Sciences / O’Brien Institute for Public Health

Shared infrastructure

The third floor of the Cumming School of Medicine’s CWPH building is the physical hub for the O’Brien Institute for Public Health Institute and the Department of Community Health Sciences. It comprises office space and workstations for faculty members, research staff, and employees, allocated according to these principles, along with the resources below.  



Open concept workstations are assigned to paid research staff and admin staff, based on availability, as per these principles.

Drop-in desks – surrounding the lunchroom/lounge:

These carrels are available on a first come, first served basis. Three computers are available for your use. They have limited software installed (including STATA). Please do not leave personal items in or on the desks.

Conference rooms – 3E47, 3E48, 3D42, 3D43:

Institute and Department members and staff can book conference rooms by contacting any of the CHS admin staff or O’Brien core team. Please refer to the guidelines on room usage.

Other meeting rooms are available for booking in the Health Science Centre (contact: or in the Health Sciences Library (

Kitchen – opposite glass entry doors from elevator lobby:

Please feel free to store your lunch in the fridge and use the microwave/coffee machine/kettle but leave the kitchen as tidy as you would like to find it. Do not forget to label your food. Unlabeled and expired food will be discarded.

Lunchroom/lounge – facing glass entry doors from elevator lobby:

Intended for usage, especially at lunchtime, by CWPH 3rd floor staff; sometimes booked for special situations of the Department or Institute (see below).

Lockers – past conference rooms, at either end of the floor:

See below for access.

Printers (3D25, 3E25 and outside 3D44A):

The IT department will assist in networking your computer to the Ricoh printers. Log a service request or call 220-5555

Supply stations – next to the printers in areas 3D25 and 3E25:

Some basic stationery supplies are available for your use.  Recycling boxes and confidential shredding are also provided.

Electronic access to CWPH 3rd floor:

Modification of the University of Calgary ID card (from Unicard office on main campus) is required to access the doors to CWPH after hours (5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. and weekends). 


Brenda Green
(403) 210-7065

Leslie Campbell
(403) 210-9422

Mariko Roe 
(403) 220-4284

Lisa Larsen
(403) 220-8602

Other requests

Workstation requests

Click here for the form to request a workstation

Contact: Leslie Campbell

Keys for offices/desk

Contact: Brenda Green

Electronic access to floor - via modification of UCID card

Contact: Brenda Green / Leslie Campbell

Name plate for office doors

Contact: Brenda Green

Lockers and combinations for locks

Contact: Brenda Green

Unlocking security lock on desktop computer

Contact: Brenda Green / Leslie Campbell

Help with technology in conference rooms

Contact: Leslie Campbell

Help with printers

Contact: Leslie Campbell (E-side printer) / Pam Ryan (D-side printers)

Providing calendar booking privileges

(Please note there is no official calendar for the lounge / lunch room. Contact us directly for booking requests)

Contact: Leslie Campbell