Recognizing grant recipients

Catalyst grants

Catalyst grants are awarded to help O’Brien Institute members leverage their research to the next level

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  1. Amanda Black

    A Canadian integrated platform for injury and concussion prevention, early intervention and mental health

  2. Carolyn Emery

    SHRED Concussion Mobile unit

  3. Miranda Fidler-Benaoudia

    AYA-PACT: Adolescents and Young Adults becoming Physically Active after Cancer Trial

  4. Jennifer Jackson

    Strategies for Addressing Needle Debris Study (SANDS)

  5. Rahim Kachra

    Exploring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on medical learners

  6. Yeonjung Lee

    Aging in Community: A Perspective from Older Adults on Accessibility to Necessary Resources

  7. Kara Nerenberg

    IMPROVE-Virtual HEALTH for MoMS

  8. Dana Olstad

    I Can For Kids: Hunger doesn’t take summer vacation

  9. Cheryl Peters

    Analysis of proposed policy for controlling exposure to DEE in the workplace

  10. Ranjani Somayaji

    Evaluating the community prevalence of SARS‐CoV‐2 infection in persons undergoing high‐risk procedures: a prospective longitudinal study

  1. Erin Brennand

    Cutting across disciplines to improve female pelvic floor disorders in Alberta

  2. Carolyn Emery

    SHRed Injuries in partnership with Indigenous communities

  3. Zahra Goodarzi

    Improving the Use of the Depression Rating Scale in Long Term Care

  4. Liza Lorenzetti

    Healing through Fatherhood: Voices of Indigenous and Immigrant Men

  5. Katrina Milaney

    Research to Social Action Hub for Vulnerable Families

  6. Lara Nixon

    Supporting Researchers Engaging with People with Structural Vulnerability: Building workforce capability

  7. Elizabeth Oddone Paolucci

    Engaging Alumni and External Stakeholders in Improving Professional and Academic Competencies of Community Health Science Graduate Students

  8. Naomi Popeski

    The M Word: A qualitative study on patient perceptions of malnutrition

  9. Aynharan Sinnarajah

    Provincial Palliative & End of Life Care: Generating Real World Evidence through Cross-Zonal Palliative Care Program Collaboration in Alberta

  1. Pierre-Gerlier Forest

    O'Brien Institute matching funds for: A Scoping Review of the Literature on Integrated Care Funding Models

  2. Jane Lemaire

    Well Doc Alberta: A Provincial Physician Wellness Forum

  3. Gavin McCormack

    A Review of Canadian Evidence on the Relations between Urban Form and Health in Children and Adolescents

  4. Meghan McDonough

    Social participation, physical activity, and resilience among older adults living alone

  5. Lara Nixon

    Improving access to integrated health care and housing for older adults experiencing homelessness, addictions and mental health challenges

  6. Tom Noseworthy

    Provincial Stakeholder Engagement

  1. Stefania Bertazzon

    Walk smart, breathe smart

  2. Lindsay McLaren

    Multilevel Governance in Canada as related to children's oral health - Human resource component

  3. Melanie Rock

    Project under the makeCalgary initiative: People, pets and One Health promotion in Northeast Calgary: Enhancing benefits, redressing nuisances and reducing threats through participatory action research

  1. Marco Bijvank

    3 projects: Improved prediction of door-to-doctor wait times, Optimal workload management during physician's shift in emergency department, Flexible surge scheduling of ED physicians

  2. Christine Friedenreich

    A home-based light versus moderate-vigorous intensity physical activity intervention for breast cancer survivor

  3. David Hogan

    Investigating Perceptions of Architectural Design that Supports Aging in Place: Reactions of Stakeholders to Laneway House Design

  4. Kerry McBrien

    Discharging Complex Emergency Department Patients for Management in the Community: Complicating Factors, Readmission Rates and Estimated Cost-Savings

  5. Lara Nixon

    Peter Coyle Place: A case study of an innovative approach to housing older adults with high and complex health and social needs.

  1. Lindsay Crowshoe

    Popular Theatre as a youth led primary prevention approach for suicide among young men in rural and urban Aboriginal communities

  2. Gabriel Fabreau

    Completion of a Proof-of-Concept Global Health Metadata Catalogue

  3. Gavin McCormack

    Neighborhood PAQ

  4. Richard Musto

    E-cigarette survey

  5. Hude Quan

    Qualitative Study on Coder Perspectives

  6. Melanie Rock

    Does breed-specific legislation (BSL) protect children from dog-bites and associated trauma

  7. Tolu Sajobi

    Novel Statistical Methods PROs

  8. David Topps

    OpenLabyrinth software development

  9. Tyler Williamson

    Quick strike PICHI network

  1. Gavin McCormack

    Built environment neighboorhoods

Post-doctoral scholarship grants

The O’Brien Institute for Public Health is pleased to support research capacity building, providing opportunities to O’Brien Institute members recruiting excellent graduate trainees

Learn more about the O’Brien Post-doctoral scholarship grants

  1. Dana Olstad

    Post-doctoral Student: Rosanne Blanchet

    Project title: To what extent does socioeconomic position explain racial/ethnic health inequities?

  2. Scott B. Patten

    Co-supervisor: Gina Dimitropoulos

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Dan Devoe

    Project title: A Brief, Online Psychotherapy Intervention to Support University of Calgary Students During the Pandemic

  1. David Campbell

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Kirnvir Dhaliwal

    Project title: Diabetes management in Canadian Correctional Institutions

  2. Joseph Dort

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Rosemary Twomey

    Project title: Understanding the impact of exercise in the recovery from head and neck cancer surgery: a randomized controlled trial of exercise prehabilitation vs. usual care

  3. Carolyn Emery

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Stephen West

    Project title: Primary Prevention of Injuries and Concussions in Youth Rugby

  4. Matthew James

    Co-supervisor: Joon Lee

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Majed Al-Jefri

    Project title: Granular Prediction of Acute Kidney Injury Trajectories Using Machine Learning

  1. Fiona Clement

    Co-supervisor: Mari Jose Santana

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Tamara McCarron

    Project title: The inclusion of the patient voice in health care innovation

  2. Joon Lee

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Madeena Sultana

    Project title: A smart health advisor for personalized lifestyle intervention and decision support

  3. Meghan McDonough

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Chantelle Zimmer

    Project title: Social factors and physical activity in older adults: Identifying predictors across vulnerable populations

  4. Frank W. Stahnisch

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Fedir Razumenko

    Project title: Cancer Clinical Trials in Canada and the Ethics of Human Dignity Framework, 1971‐1998

  1. William Ghali

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Bastien Boussat

    Project title: Developing, refining, and validating safety indicator systems through multi-source digital data

  2. Jayna Holroyd-Leduc

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Helen Tam-Tham

    Project title: Improving Palliative Care in Long-Term Care: Exploring the Changing Role of Family Physicians in Multidisciplinary Care Teams through Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

  3. Deborah Marshall

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Xiaoxiao Liu

    Project title: Examining access to health care services and its association with health outcomes: rural vs urban

  4. Gavin McCormack

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Vikram Nichani

    Project title: Neighborhood Walkability and Health Outcomes in Albertans: An Analysis of Alberta’s Tomorrow Project

  5. Melani Rock

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Valli L. Frazer-Celin

    Project title: The removal of dogs from Indigenous communities to urban areas in Canada: Implications for public health and equity

  1. Winson Cheung

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Colleen Cuthbert

    Project title: Developing a wellness focused self-management program for colorectal cancer survivors using a patient-oriented research approach

  2. Brent Hagel

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Liraz Fridman

    Project title: Pedestrian motor-vehicle collision (PMVC) related injuries in children and youth – a case control study

  3. Marc Poulin

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Veronica Guadagni

    Project title: Effects of aerobic exercise on cognition and brain structure and function in adults at risk of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRD): the mediating role of sleep.

  4. Melanie Rock

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Morgan Mouton

    Project title: Regulating dog-ownership and preventing dog-bites in urban areas in the digital age: A comparative approach to policy analysis

  5. Tom Stelfox

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Khara Sauro

    Project title: Improving venous thromboembolism prophylaxis among neurocritical care patients: development and testing of knowledge translation strategies

  1. Elijah Dixon

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Yuan (Shawn) Xu

    Project title: Using Microsimulation Model (MSM) to Assess the Effect of the Treatments on the Outcome of Liver Cancer

  2. Robert (Rob) Quinn

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Samar Abd Elhafeez

    Project title: Morbidity and mortality of people with kidney transplant failure

  1. Cheryl Barnabe

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Adalberto Loyola Sánchez

    Project title: Case Managers to Improve the Management of Inflammatory Arthritis and Associated Comorbidities with First Nations Communities: A Proof of Concept Study

  2. Lindsay Crowshoe

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Rita Henderson

    Project title: Social Determinants and Applied Health Research with Indigenous Populations for Health

  3. Charlene Elliott

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Emily Truman

    Project title: Conceptualizing food literacy: food skills and knowledge for adolescent health

  4. Deborah Marshall

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Christine Michaels-Igbokwe

    Project title: Incorporating individual preferences into economic evaluations: an assessment of the impact of preference heterogeneity on estimates of cost effectiveness

2019 awardees

  1. Dr. Mohammed Almekhlafi


    Project Grant, Sprin 2019

    Aspirin in Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysms

  2. Dr. Darren Brenner


    Project Grant, Spring 2019

    Predicting the Risk of Advanced Colorectal Polyps with Circulating Biomarkers

  3. Dr. Gabriel Fabreau


    Project Grant, Spring 2019

    Characterizing Canada's Refugee Healthcare Delivery System

  4. Dr. Kirsten Fiest


    Operating Grant: Transitions in Care - Evaluation Grants, Spring 2019

    Partnering with Patients and Family Members to Improve Care and Health when Leaving the ICU

  5. Dr. Robert J. Hilsden


    Project Grant, Spring 2019

    Fecal Immunochemical Test to Reduce Unnecessary Endoscopy: FIT2RUN Study

  6. Dr. Kerry McBrien


    Project Grant, Spring 2019

    Evaluation of a novel community outreach program for socially vulnerable patients with complex needs

  7. Dr. Dana Olstad


    Project Grant, Spring 2019

    Protecting children from unhealthy food and brand marketing in the digital age: A novel artificial intelligence system to assess food and brand marketing on digital media

  8. Dr. Hude Quan


    Foundation Grant

    Paving the Way for ICD-11 Adoption to Advance Health Information

  9. Dr. Abdel Aziz Shaheen


    Project Grant, Spring 2019

    Developing and validating NAFLD advanced fibrosis diagnostic prediction model in primary care

  10. Dr. Leslie Skeith


    Project Grant, Spring 2019

    Pilot PARTUM Trial: Postpartum Aspirin to Reduce Thromboembolism Undue Morbidity

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