O’Brien Institute Postdoctoral Scholars Association (OPSA)

About OPSA

OPSA is a postdoctoral association by postdoctoral scholars for postdoctoral scholars.

Our mission

At OPSA our mission is to support postdoctoral scholars during their time with the O’Brien Institute and to propel them to the next step in their career. To achieve this mission OPSA strives to cultivate connection among postdoctoral scholars and to provide a platform for professional growth, social engagement, and collaborative networking opportunities within the postdoctoral community and beyond.

What we do

OPSA hosts a variety of professional development events (CV and grant feedback sessions, media workshops, project management for academics, etc.) and social gatherings inviting postdocs and their families an opportunity to connect (virtual coffee meetups, bowling nights, and barbeques).

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We work closely with other trainee organizations within the other institutes within Cumming School of Medicine, fostering a cohesive environment where postdocs can forge meaningful relationships and support networks throughout their research journey with the O'Brien Institute.


Join OPSA!

If you are a postdoctoral scholar whose supervisor is a member of the O'Brien Institute and are interested in joining OPSA, please reach out to us via email at

We look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant community of scholars.

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