O'Brien Institute - Research Interest Groups

To increase the value of membership, the O’Brien Institute supports groups of members who advance their work in topic-specific entities of varying models, sizes, and developmental stage.

GIS Research Group Logo

Geography of Health and GIS Analysis Research Group

Geographies of health encompass a plurality of research paradigms and methodologies, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and spatial data analysis. The Geography of Health (GoH) group supports geographical enquiry and spatial thinking in population and public health. The GoH group serves as a hub, connecting geographical expertise with health research and practice. 

Logo for Group for Patient-Reported Measures

Group for Patient-Reported Measures

A community of users, researchers, clinicians, trainees, and patients focused on Patient-Reported Outcomes and Experiences (PROMs and PREMs). 

Group for Research with Indigenous Peoples Logo

Group for Research with Indigenous Peoples

The Group for Research with Indigenous Peoples (GRIP) is a network of >130 health researchers and students, Indigenous community members and organizations, health systems providers and government agencies with a focus on the achievement of Indigenous Health.

Health Economics Logo

Health Economics Group

The University of Calgary Health Economics Group includes a dedicated group of faculty who are committed to teaching in Health Economics and conduct a broad range of research within Health Economics. The Health Economics group seeks to build capacity among faculty and trainees; foster links to policy-makers; enhance opportunities for training in Health Economics; and act as a catalyst for high quality research in Health Economics. This will increase the impact of health economics research at the University of Calgary and increase the national and international profile of Calgary-based applied health economics research.

Refugee Health YYC Logo

Refugee Health YYC

Refugee Health YYC is a Research, Innovation, and Education platform at the University of Calgary's O'Brien Institute for Public Health that is closely partnered with the Mosaic Refugee Health Clinic in Calgary as an academic platform for clinicians who provide care for newly arrived refugees and asylum claimants for up to two years.

Sex, Gender and Women’s Health Research Unit

The mission of the Sex, Gender and Women’s Health Research Unit is to create research related to sex, gender and women’s health that will meaningfully contribute to improved health of Canadians.

Logo for Transplant Wellness Program

Transplant Wellness Program

The Transplant Wellness Program supports research and training that focuses on the well-being of individuals and families living with end-stage heart, kidney, liver, or lung disease before and after transplantation. 

University of Calgary Biostatistics Centre logo

University of Calgary Biostatistics Centre

UCBC is a multi-faculty initiative, the remit of which is to position the University of Calgary as a leader in the development and application of biostatistical methodology for research problems on the cutting edge of biomedical research. Emphasis is on solving big data problems, and on high-end computational and ‘statistical learning’ techniques (data science), in the context of many of UCalgary's existing strengths, for example in bioinformatics, genetics, infectious disease epidemiology, kinesiology, population ecology, and clinical trials.