PROMs and PREMS research group

The importance of patient-centered clinical care can hardly be overemphasized. PROMs and PREMs encompasses a wide spectrum of patient-centered activities including clinical decision making, setting research priorities, choosing optimum interventions and outcome measures, and educating the health care force. We are community of users, researchers, clinicians, trainees, and patients focused on Patient-Reported Outcomes and Experiences (PROMs and PREMs). 


To establish a vibrant community of expert researchers and clinicians scientists, trainees, patients, and users in the area of patient-oriented research and engagement in Cumming School of Medicine.

Mission Statement

  • Foster collaboration by establishing a community of practice focused on research, education, and advisory services
  • Promote the research and application of patient-reported outcomes and experience measures in clinical and population health studies.
  • Significantly enhance the evidence about the value of patient reported outcomes and experience measures by incorporating such measures into each step of the research to care continuum, leading to informed health policies.
  • Organize

Research Areas

  • Patient Engagement
  • Patient preference elicitation
  • Psychometrics
  • Statistical methodology
  • Study Design
  • Integration of PROMs and PROMs in routine clinical care
  • Implementation Science
  • Computer Adaptive PROMs/PREMs
  • Health Economics
  • Clinical Trials
  • Quality Improvement
  • Clinical/Disease Registries

List of Experts

Dr Samuel Wiebe

Dr Tolu Sajobi

Dr Maria Santana

Dr. Deborah Marshall