Dr. Kieran Steer

Master Student

Resident physician in Public Health and Preventive Medicine


Dr. Steer is a resident physician at University of Calgary who is specializing in Public Health and Preventive Medicine. Alongside his residency, he is pursuing a Masters in Community Health Sciences with a health economics focus. He is primarily supervised by Dr. Eldon Spackman, with Drs. Dana Olstad and David Campbell as co-supervisors.

Education and Training

  • Bachelor’s of  Medical Science, University of Alberta, 2019
  • Medical Doctorate, University of Alberta 2019
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (Public Health and Preventive Medicine) 2024 (expected

Research Interests and Expertise

Dr. Steer is interested in the applications of health economics to public health practise, with a specific focus on addressing social determinants of health. For his thesis, he is assessing the health economic impacts of a food subsidy for patients with suboptimally controlled diabetes and food insecurity.



Dr. Kieran Steer