Dr. Mo Yu Lanny Li

Masters Student

General Surgeon

Colorectal surgery fellow, Division of Surgery, University of Calgary


Dr. Li is a general surgeon currently completing subspecialty surgical training in colorectal surgery at the University of Calgary. During her fellowship, she is pursuing a Masters in Community Health Sciences with a specialization in health economics. Her research supervisors are Dr. Elijah Dixon and Dr. Trafford Crump.

Education and Training

Dr. Li obtained her medical degree from McGill University in 2015. She then went on to complete her residency training in general surgery at the University of Alberta, followed by her current colorectal surgery fellowship at the University of Calgary.


Research Interests and Expertise

Dr. Li is interested in evaluating the cost effectiveness of surgical interventions related to colorectal surgery. For her thesis, she is studying the cost effectiveness of using the Da Vinci robot-assisted technique for colorectal cancer resections in a single-payer system using Canadian data.



Dr. Lanny Li