Oby Ezenwamelaku

Master Student


Oby Ezenwamelaku is pursuing a Masters in Community Health Science with a specialization in Health Economics, under the supervision of Dr. Eldon Spackman. Oby earned a Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy, from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria. As an internationally trained Pharmacist, Oby boasts over 5 years of dedicated experience in evidence-based research, pharmaceutical health outcomes, cost-effectiveness and feasibility evaluations, as well as health policy interventions.

Research Interests and Expertise

Oby Ezenwamelaku's research predominantly focuses on the economic implications of health policy decisions and their wider effects on community health. With a rich background in pharmaceutical health outcomes through evidence-based research, she has built strong interest into the cost-effectiveness of various interventions. One of such research was her collaborative endeavors that paved the way for impactful policy changes, such as the increased health budgeting towards making the Rotavirus vaccine available at no cost in Nigeria.

Central to Oby's research is a profound interest in the economic implications of health policy decisions and the broader effects these decisions have on community health. Hence,Oby's thesis aims to identify the costs of diabetes and its implications across socioeconomic categories (SES), in order to better inform cost-effectiveness analyses of diabetes interventions for specific SES groups.