Health Technology Assessment Unit


Support evidence-informed health policy; use innovative research methodology as a tool to integrate evidence into policy; to promote the flow of research to policy; and to create a receptive audience for evidence-informed health policy


To be a leader in supporting evidence informed health policy with innovative and relevant research


  • Evidence-informed policy
  • Research should work for the common good
  • A work environment that nurtures creativity, encourages talent  and supports work-life balance

What We Do:

Conduct health technology assessments and reassessments for a wide variety of interventions and stakeholders meant to address a broad range of health policy questions. As a partner in the Alberta Health Technologies Decision Process and British Columbia Health Technology Assessment process, we support achieving optimal use of technologies throughout their lifetime. Our innovative research program includes health technology assessments, health technology reassessments, economic evaluation, and reimbursement decision-making. We actively build capacity in both the evidence producing and evidence receiving communities through traditional graduate training and leading-edge continuous learning opportunities.


Health Technology Assessment

  • Mixed methods research assessing condition severity, treatment patterns, disease burden, clinical effectiveness, quality of life, economic implications and context-specific implementation considerations 
  • Direct & indirect (network meta-analysis) treatment comparisons

Health Technology Reassessment

  • A structured, evidence-based assessment of the clinical, social, ethical and economic effects of a technology currently used in the healthcare system, to inform optimal use of that technology in comparison to its alternatives 

Systematic Literature Reviews

  • Rigourously follow best practice guidelines (PRISMA)
  • Randomized controlled trials, all comparative, qualitative, economic study designs
  • Narrative synthesis, pooled estimates of effect

Economic Evaluation

  • Cost-effectiveness analysis

Interactive Budget Impact Tools

  • User-friendly interactive budget impact tools

Scoping Reviews

  • Literature mapping to identify key concepts, gaps in research 

3280 Hospital Drive NW, Calgary, Alberta, T2N 4N1

Any questions or comments can be directed to: Fiona Clement Director, HTA Unit