Health Technology Assessment Unit



Fiona Clement, PhD


Dr. Clement has extensive training in Health Services Research, Health Economics and Health Policy.  Her research interests include drug and non-drug technology reimbursement and cost containment policy and evidence in decision-making and health policy development.  In 2014, she was selected as the Canadian Harkness fellow; a unique opportunity awarded to 12 professionals internationally each year to spend a year in the US studying healthcare policy.  She also received the Maurice McGregor Award for outstanding leadership and excellence in HTA in Canada.  She is the first from Alberta to be awarded either of these awards.  As a result, in 2015, she was named one of Calgary’s Top 40 under 40 for her work to in health policy. 



Tom Noseworthy, MD, MSc

Program Advisor

Dr. Tom Noseworthy is a Professor of Health Policy and Management in the Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary (U of C). He is the former Chair of Community Health Sciences, Uof C. Dr. Noseworthy is the former VP, Medical Services, and CEO of the Royal Alexandra Hospitals, and Chair of the Department of Public Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta (U of A). He holds a MSc in Experimental Medicine from the U of A, and a Master of Public Health from Harvard University.

Dr. Noseworthy is a physician with specialty certification in the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and the American Colleges of Physicians, American College of Chest Physicians, and American College of Critical Care Medicine. 



Laura Dowsett, BHSc, MSc

Unit Manager

Laura Dowsett is the Unit Manager for the Health Technology Assessment Unit. She graduated in 2011 with an Honors Specialization in Health Sciences from the University of Western Ontario, and received her master’s degree in Health Services Research (MSc) through the department of Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary in May 2014. For her Master’s thesis, Laura did a cost-utility analysis of cardiac rehabilitation. With the unit, she has been involved in systematic reviews, meta-analyses and the production of health technology assessments.



Brenlea Farkas, BSc, MSc

Research Analyst

Brenlea Farkas is a research analyst with the Health Technology Assessment Unit. She has a BSc in Kinesiology and an MSc Population/Public Health, both from the University of Calgary. Brenlea is passionate about physical activity and health promotion, which led to her Master’s research work examining the associations between the built environment and physical activity. Within the Unit, Brenlea contributes to evidence synthesis, data analysis, project management, and policy implementation strategies. In addition to her contributions to the HTA Unit, Brenlea enjoys working as a personal trainer and staying active in her free time. 



John Taplin

Research Analyst

John is a Research Analyst and MSc student specializing in Health Economics. John has over 12 years of experience working in EMS, and has worked as an Advanced Care Paramedic with Alberta Health Services in Calgary since 2009. John previously worked with the Indigenous Health Unit at Alberta Health. His research interests include addressing health inequities, collaboration to improve Indigenous health outcomes, and evidence-informed policy in Emergency Medical Services. 



Joyce Li, BSc

Research Analyst

Joyce Li is a Research Analyst with the Health Technology Assessment Unit. Joyce received her BSc in Biological Science from the University of Calgary in 2019. While completing her BSc, she worked as a research associate in a stem cell research lab. New to public health, her research interests include health and drug policy, mental health policy and delivery, and health technology assessments.



Lesley Soril, MSc PhD

Research Analyst

Lesley Soril is a Research Analyst with the Unit. Lesley completed both her BSc and MSc training at the University of British Columbia. Within the Unit, she is involved evidence syntheses and policy projects, including systematic reviews, meta-analyses, health technology assessments and reassessments, economic evaluations, and health policy analyses. Lesley’s research interests lie in policy-responsive health services research, particularly around methodologies to facilitate resource allocation decisions for new and existing health technologies. For her PhD, Lesley is using a multi-methods approach to studying the theory and practice of health technology reassessment. In 2015, Lesley was awarded an Alberta Innovates - Health Solutions Graduate Studentship award to support her doctoral research. 



Liza Mastikhina, BA, MSc

Research Analyst

Liza Mastikhina is a Research Analyst with the HTA Unit. She has a BA (Honors) in Psychology from the University of New Brunswick and an MSc in Clinical Psychology from the University of Calgary. Her SSHRC-funded Master’s thesis focused on attentional retraining in depression. Prior to joining the Unit, Liza worked at a health outcomes research consultancy where she was the lead clinical writer of several drug reimbursement submissions and was involved in a number of systematic review projects. Within the Unit, Liza has been involved in  systematic reviews, environmental scans, guideline reviews, and other evidence generation products.



Mark Hofmeister, BSc BN MSc RN

Research Analyst

Mark Hofmeister is a research analyst with the Health Technology Assessment Unit. He has a BN (Honors) from the University of Lethbridge and practiced as a registered nurse in oncology and internal medicine, before completing his MSc in Health Economics at the University of Calgary. With the unit, Mark contributes to evidence synthesis through systematic reviews, including meta-analysis and indirect treatment comparisons, data analysis, and the development of economic evaluations and budget impact analyses.



Oluwaseun Egunsola, MBBS, MSc, PhD.

Research Analyst

Oluwaseun Egunsola is a research analyst with the Health Technology Assessment Unit. He has a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree from the University of Ibadan, in Nigeria; a Master of Science degree in Clinical Pharmacology from the University of Aberdeen and a Ph.D. in Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology from the University of Nottingham.  He was a Commonwealth Ph.D. Scholar. Prior to joining the unit, he was involved in evidence synthesis on the use, effectiveness and safety of medicines in children. 


Tamara L. McCarron, PhD, MBA,

Research Associate

Tamara L. McCarron is a part-time Research Associate with the Health Technology Assessment Unit. Tamara has a PhD in Health Service Research and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Calgary. Prior to joining the unit, Tamara held positions with not-for-profit, post-secondary, and private sector organizations. As an active volunteer, Tamara has received a number of awards for her commitment to community service, including the Alberta Graduate Citizenship Award for her continued dedication and commitment to the community and the Michael Lazar Community Service Award.

Tamara brings a fresh lens to health research and is interested in exploring the potential of patients to bring innovation and sustainability to health care systems. Her dissertation, A Value Driven, Co-designed  Framework for Sustained Patient Engagement advanced our understanding of the motivations of patients to engage with health systems in healthcare decision making.