The University of Calgary Biostatistics Centre

Application Procedure

Application Procedure

Option 1


Find Potential Supervisors

Review the list of biostatistics supervisors and their research interests, to find potential supervisors whose interests are aligned with yours.

Contact Potential Supervisors

Contact your potential supervisor(s) to discuss the possibility of working together.

List of Supervisors

Apply for Specialization

Having found a suitable supervisor(s) who may wish* to take you on as a student, apply for the Biostatistics specialization within the MSc thesis or PhD program of their department (i.e., Mathematics and Statistics, or Community Health Sciences) via The Faculty of Graduate Studies Website.

Apply Here

*Note: A supervisor's expressed willingness to take you on in Steps 2 and 3 does not guarantee you a position in a program. Acceptance to a program cannot be guaranteed in advance of the application review procedure of the Department to which you are applying. 

For more information about the Interdisciplinary Biostatistics graduate specializations, please contact the Program Coordinator, Prof. Rob Deardon (