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Who We Are

Who we are: At the HTA Unit, we are a team of dedicated health services researchers who are passionate about bridging the gap between science and policy.  Together, we offer a unique skill set in systematic reviews, health economics, program evaluation and research design and methodology.

Vision: To be a leader in supporting evidence-informed health policy with innovative and relevant research

Mission: To complete health technology assessments to  support evidence-informed health policy in Alberta; to use innovative research as a tool to integrate evidence into policy; to promote the flow of research to policy; and to create a receptive audience for evidence-informed health policy

Our Values: 

  • Evidence-informed policy is the way to go!
  • Research should work for the common good
  • An ideal work environment should nurture creativity, encourage talent  and support work-life balance
  • Never stop learning

What we do: We conduct health technology assessments for a wide variety of interventions and stakeholders meant to address a broad range of health policy questions.  As a partner in the Alberta Health Technologies Decision Process, we support achieving optimal use of technologies throughout their lifetime.  Our innovative research program includes health technology assessments, economic evaluation, reimbursement decision-making and health technology reassessment.  We actively build capacity in both the evidence producing and evidence receiving communities through traditional graduate training and leading-edge continuous learning opportunities.