Institute Awards 2019

It’s an honour to be a part of the O’Brien Institute, which has outstanding researchers, whose works impact our community’s well-being.

Dr. Fariba Aghajafari

O'Brien Institute’s Awards and Recognition Executive Portfolio Lead.

The Awards

Five O’Brien Institute researchers are being recognized for their commitment to fostering meaningful change in public and population health, and outstanding contributions to health research.

The 2019 O’Brien Institute Emerging Research Leader Award

Dr. Dana Olstad, PhD

For outstanding contributions, at an early career stage, to knowledge and innovation; the successful promotion, dissemination and management of research activities; and the training of graduate students and other research personnel.

Olstad is one of few Canadian experts on the impact of policy on socioeconomic inequities in dietary patterns and health. Her research program generates real-world evidence to inform policy decisions locally, nationally and internationally, thereby helping to position the CSM as a key source of policy-relevant research.

The 2019 O’Brien Institute Mid-Career Research Leader Award

Dr. Tanis Fenton, PhD

For outstanding contributions, at a mid-career stage, to knowledge and innovation; the successful promotion, dissemination and management of research activities; and the training of graduate students and other research personnel.

Fenton is an influential researcher in pediatric nutrition—she is well known in the fields of neonatology and nutrition, due to the dissemination of her research in these areas. The Fenton Growth Charts are used widely across Canada, and around the world.

The 2019 O’Brien Institute Research Excellence Award

Dr. Herman Barkema, PhD

For substantial and distinguished research and scholarly contributions over a significant period of time, and the impact these contributions have had nationally and internationally.

For more than a decade, Barkema has served as a collaborator and mentor. Much of his career has focused on One Health, integration of human and veterinary health to improve outcomes for society, which was recently recognized by UCalgary through the establishment of a One Health cross-cutting research theme, spear-headed by Barkema. Barkema’s research also informed recently updated World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines calling on food animal producers to cease using antibiotics as a means to prevent infection or boost growth.

As a veterinarian, scientist, and epidemiologist, Barkema embodies the principles and objectives of the Institute.

The 2019 O’Brien Institute Societal Impact Award

Dr. Lindsay McLaren, PhD

For significant advancement and outstanding contributions toward health-related impact on society, specifically championing “A Healthy Alberta Through Healthier Policies” in her rigorous academic work and thoughtful community activities.

McLaren has catalyzed and is currently leading intersectoral engagement processes supporting increased action on a health-in-all-policies approach in Alberta as well as improving public health identity and unity building mechanisms for public health education in Alberta. Both of these initiatives work toward a unified purpose for public health and support mobilization of the public health community around opportunities for action on the determinants of health.

The 2019 Lynn McIntyre Outstanding Service Award

Dr. Kerry McBrien, MD

For significant contributions of time, talent, and leadership to the O’Brien Institute for Public Health, specifically: Generously acting as a knowledgeable voice the Institute can count on, a continuous source of wisdom, and a role model of leadership.

McBrien has been an Institute member since 2012, and has often volunteered or been called upon for service to the Institute and its members.

In 2018/19 alone, she served as co-lead for the Institute’s seminars and events portfolio, provided four internal peer reviews, served on the postdoctoral scholar funding committee, reported external funding awards toward the matching amount that is required to secure the anonymous donor’s vulnerable populations contribution, made two separate research presentations for the Institute (to its Strategic Advisory Board, and to its International Scientific Advisory Group), and responded to a request from Ward 5 for information on Encompass, a program that supports vulnerable patients through their health care journey