International Scientific Advisory Group (ISAG) 2017

2017 meeting documents

The International Scientific Advisory Group is a key and crucial entity within the O’Brien Institute for Public Health community. The ISAG is made up of international leaders in their respective fields – their main contribution to the Institute being a periodic visit, based on which they formulate assessments and present suggestions on how best to position the Institute as a leader in public health in Alberta and beyond. By providing members of the ISAG with an intimate look at the work being done at the Institute, and the impact its initiatives have generated, these experts are able to lend an external perspective, and international context, to the scientific endeavours of the Institute. Below is a link to the Research Impact Report drafted by the Institute for the ISAG.

Research Impact Assessment

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June 2017 was the third of the intensive, two-day ISAG visits, which have been hosted every 18 to 24 months. Members of the international group are treated to presentations, a series of meetings with Institute directors, Institute members, the executive committee, the Strategic Advisory Board, and other stakeholders. Below is a link to the agenda that shaped the 2017 visit.

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The service provided by the ISAG to the Institute, and the impact that it has had in the Institute's successes and growth, is significant. The focus, integrity, and clout the O'Brien Institute enjoys today is, to a great degree, the result of the vision and guidance provided by the experts in its International Scientific Advisory Group. Below is a link to the bios of the ISAG, as well as of the Institute community members and stakeholders who played key roles in the 2017 visit.

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Feedback report

The feedback of the ISAG visitors is provided in the form of a report with recommendations.  Below is a link to the ISAG 2017 visit report.

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