Institute Awards 2016

We’re so fortunate to have such outstanding researchers in our midst. These are exciting times at the University of Calgary with so many leading researchers having been recruited over the last several years, and the researchers populating our membership are truly of the highest caliber.

Dr. William Ghali

O'Brien Institute Scientific Director

The Awards

Three O’Brien Institute for Public Health researchers are being recognized for their commitment to fostering meaningful change in public and population health and health research.

Emerging Research Leader Award

The O’Brien Institute Emerging Research Leader Award was presented to Dr. Cheryl Barnabe, associate professor, Cumming School of Medicine, in recognition of the outstanding contributions to research she has made at an early stage in her career.

Barnabe, a rheumatologist who conducts research and holds important leadership positions that facilitate dissemination and implementation of her work in Indigenous health, says she was honored to receive the award.

“The existence of this award demonstrates the spirit of the O’Brien Institute, an environment that provides excellent mentorship to support young investigators, and that embraces collaboration within and outside of academia to allow impactful research to be performed,” she says.

Research Excellence Award

Dr. Scott Patten was awarded the O’Brien Institute Research Excellence Award for his outstanding contributions to research. Patten is a psychiatric epidemiologist, clinician, and professor, departments of Community Health Sciences and Psychiatry. 

It was very rewarding to have his work recognized by the Institute, Patten says, as he studies issues that are often overlooked, such as the epidemiology of mental disorders in specific populations, how best to combat stigma, and how different aspects of the epidemiology of mental disorders interact with one another to produce common patterns.

“These are issues that don’t always make it onto the radar screen so it is very gratifying to me that this work has been recognized by the Institute,” says Patten.

Lynn McIntyre Award for Outstanding Service

The Lynn McIntyre Award for Outstanding Service was awarded to Dr. Richard Musto, whose continuing contributions to the O’Brien Institute, from his early role as inaugural co-lead of the Calgary Institute for Population and Public Health, to his current role on the executive committee, have been integral to the Institute’s success. 

“Receiving this award has been lovely and humbling,” says Musto. “I get a great deal of satisfaction and stimulation from my involvement with the Institute and Department, and learn so much from colleagues. This is icing on the cake.”

Musto, a clinical associate professor, Department of Community Health Sciences, and medical officer of health for Alberta Health Services' Calgary zone, says his respect and admiration for the awards namesake, Dr. Lynn McIntyre, makes receiving it all the more special.

The lengthy awards selection process was carefully undertaken by a committee representing the O’Brien Institute’s Executive Committee and broad membership.

“The O’Brien Institute for Public Health Awards were developed to recognize excellence among our diverse and talented membership,” says Dr. Gilaad Kaplan, O’Brien Institute Executive Committee portfolio lead, awards and recognition.

 “The selection process also allows the O’Brien Institute to identify members for nomination of external awards and we hope these awards will serve to raise the profile of our members within the university and externally.”