Dr. Amity Quinn

Postdoctoral Fellow


Dr. Amity Quinn is a postdoctoral fellow in Health Economics with Dr. Braden Manns. Her research focuses on the organization and behaviour of health care providers, including how physicians are paid, how physicians deliver care, and the cost and quality of the care delivered. She uses quasi-experimental methods, administrative health data, and qualitative methods to answer these questions. Dr. Quinn has been involved in local and national policy initiatives to improve how health care organizations address the behavioural health and social needs of patients and received a Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship to support her research into how specialist physicians treating Albertans with chronic diseases are paid.

Research Interests

Dr. Quinn aims to conduct policy-relevant research on health care delivery. Her current research interests include the design and implications of different ways to pay physicians, drivers of the cost and quality of chronic disease care, and statistical methods to describe physician behaviour. Dr. Quinn has expertise in administrative health data and building collaborative research relationships with clinicians.