Dr. Braden Manns

Svare Professor in Health Economics


Braden Manns is the Svare Professor in Health Economics and a Kidney Specialist at the University of Calgary in the Faculty of Medicine. He holds a CIHR Foundation award in health system funding and was the co-PI of a CIHR funded patient-oriented research network in chronic disease (www.Cansolveckd.ca ). 

He has experience in health system administration, having recently served as Alberta Health Services (AHS) Associate Chief Medical Officer and lead for the Strategic Clinical networks for six years. He served as Interim AHS Vice President on two occasions - once as the Physician lead for Provincial Clinical Operations, and once as the Administrative and Physician lead for Provincial Clinical Programs (between 2021 and 2023). 

Dr. Manns is the Past-President of the Canadian Society of Nephrology and has experience in pharmaceutical priority setting, having served on provincial and national committees for drug evaluation, including a term as Chair of Canadian Expert Drug Advisory Committee from 2006-2008

Education and Training

Dr. Manns has a medical degree from the University of Toronto, and specialty training in Internal Medicine and Nephrology from the University of Calgary. He also has a Master’s in Health Economics from York University..

Research Interests and Expertise

Dr. Manns current research interests include examining the impact of healthcare system structure, examining the cost effectiveness of strategies and health care policies for managing patients with chronic disease, and assessing the implications of different ways to pay physicians, among other projects. He has expertise in Applied Health Economics.



Dr. Braden Manns

Key Publications

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