Campus Alberta Health Outcomes and Public Health

Previous Grant Outcomes

Previous Grant Outcomes

Grant Reports and Posters/Presentations

Erin Hetherington, Natalie Scime, Anna MacKinnon, Suzanne Tough

Stakeholder engagement for development of questionnaire on youth health


Bonnie Lee and Andrew Greenshaw

Family as a Social Determinant of Health


Erin Hetherington and Natalie Scime

Stakeholder Engagement for Development of Alberta Birth Common Dataset 12 Year Follow Up

Deirdre McCaughey, Gwen McGhan, Eddy Lang, Patrick McLane, Brenda Hemmelgarn, Jill De Grood, Fiona Clement

Integrating Value-Based Healthcare in Emergency Department Processes

Catherine Chan, Rose Yeung, Padma Kaul, Naomi Popeski

Diabetes in Pregnancy Summit

Grant Reports and Posters

Karen Goodman, Heather Curtis and Janis Gear 
Improving the Quality of Life of Cancer Patients, Survivors, and their Families and Agenda 

Frank McMaster, Marni Bercov and Heather Hair
Helping Kids and Youth in Times of Emotional Crisis – Brain Trust 2 Meeting Grant and Grant Poster

Patrick McLane, Bonnie Healy 
Engaging First Nations Knowledge Holders, Health Care Providers and Technicians on First Nations Members Emergency Department Experiences and Agenda

Chester Ho 
Use of technologies to improve the lives of people with SCI - a provincial discussion  and Grant Poster

Tanvir Turin Chowdhury, Añiela dela Cruz, Moréniké Oláosebìkan, Cari Egan, Sipiwe Mapfumo, Tsion Abate Demeke, B. Salami
African, Caribbean and Black Listening Campaign Alberta

Jasneet Parmar, Suzette Brémault-Phillips, Wendy Duggleby
Healthcare Workforce Training in Supporting Family Caregivers of Seniors-in-Care and Grant Poster

Deirdre McCaughey; Ward Flemons, Nishan Sharma; Co-Chairs (6): Jill de Grood, Brenda Hemmelgarn, Narmin Kassam, Lynette Lutes, Jennifer Salt, Carmella Steinke
The status of healthcare quality and safety training in Alberta and Agenda


Keynote address by Dr. J. Talbot & Presentations from Campus Alberta HOPH Provincial Meeting Grant awardees
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Panel discussion - Reactions to the keynote; threats and opportunities for public health in Alberta from the perspective of key sectors 
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Carlota Basualdo-Hammond:
Food Literacy in Childcares: Summary Report
Round Table: Food Literacy in the Childcare Setting
We really appreciated the funding to support our work on food literacy in child care, and found the 1 day meeting extremely valuable to engage with stakeholders and facilitate moving this work forward.  In addition, discussion at the round table at the event on May 2 was beneficial because it brought different perspectives, particularly about the planned research.  

Neil Drummond:
Outcomes Report of Activities Supported by Campus Alberta HOPH Meeting Grant

Charlene Elliot:
Outcomes Report of Activities Supported by Campus Alberta HOPH Meeting Grant
Campus Alberta Meeting Grant 2015-­‐2016 – List of Attendees
Food Promotion and Educating for Children’s Health: Food Literacy, Knowledge Translation and Evaluation agenda
Food Promotion and Educating for Children’s Health - Train the Trainer Workshop agenda 

Katrina Milaney:
Outcomes Report of Activities Supported by Campus Alberta HOPH Meeting Grant
Campus Alberta: Alberta Health Services Domestic Violence Round Table Participant Evaluation Results

Stephanie Montesanti:
Outcomes Report of Activities Supported by Campus Alberta HOPH Meeting Grant
Workshop report Collaborative Learning Networks in Primary Health Care Transformation in Alberta

Karen Tang:
Outcomes Report of Activities Supported by Campus Alberta HOPH Meeting Grant
Alberta Urban Health Services Research Forum program