March 12, 2024

Cardiac pharmacist loves Institute’s team-based approach to care

Jeremy Fleming says health care providers and patients benefit from collaborative model
Jeremy Fleming is a cardiac pharmacist in Calgary

Jeremy Fleming thrives in the vibrant, collaborative culture fostered within the Libin Cardiovascular Institute. 

Fleming, who has worked at the Foothills Medical Centre since 2008, is a cardiac pharmacist who spends his days working on the front lines of patient care in units 81, 82 and the Cardiac Care Unit. 

Fleming’s role diverges from that of a traditional, community-based pharmacist. While he spends 30 per cent of his time dispensing medication, his primary focus lies in clinical activities like attending rounds and doing discharge education. 

“The best part of my job is rounding,” says Fleming. “It usually starts with tableside rounds, where the team discusses individual patients, and then we do patient rounds. My focus is on medication, so I provide input with the team and then am available to answer any patient questions.” 

Embracing the evidence-based atmosphere of cardiology, Jeremy revels in discussions about research, the latest guidelines, and innovations in clinical care. 

At the heart of Fleming’s passion lies the collaborative and robust academic culture at the Libin Institute, where the team approach significantly benefits patients. Jeremy finds satisfaction in tackling complex cases, reminiscent of those found in textbooks, and cherishes his interactions with patients.

"Patient care is my bread and butter," Jeremy says, showing his commitment to ensuring patients receive comprehensive care and understanding, even in areas like vitamins and supplements, which are often overlooked as medications.

Most of all, Fleming feels lucky to be part of a team that is advancing cardiovascular care through collaboration, innovation and compassion. 

“I feel appreciated,” he says.