Aug. 10, 2023

Celebrating success

O’Brien Institute members recognized for excellence in community impact, leadership, research, and more, for the period of March - Aug. 2023.
March to August 2023 members' awards


Sociology of Sexualities Early Career Award, American Sociological Association

Dr. Alan Martino, PhD, assistant professor, department of community health sciences.

Early Career Investigator Award, Canadian Women’s Heart Health Alliance

Dr. Sandra Dumanski, MD, assistant professor, departments of medicine and community health sciences.

Community Impact Award, Foundation for the Voice of Immigrants in Canada for Empowerment

Dr. Turin Tanvir Chowdhury, PhD, associate professor, departments of family medicine and community health sciences.

Inclusive Leadership Award, Immigrants of Distinction

Dr. Doreen M. Rabi, MD, professor, department of medicine.

Order of Canada

Mary Tidlund, Strategic Advisory Board member.


UCalgary Research Excellence Chairs (UCREC), University of Calgary

Dr. Regine King, PhD, associate professor, Faculty of Social Work.

Dr. Gina Dimitropoulos, PhD, associate professor, Faculty of Social Work.

Dr. Nicole Letourneau, PhD, professor, Faculty of Nursing.

New Associate Dean, Undergraduate Health and Science Education

Dr. Fabiola Aparicio-Ting, PhD.

If you are an O'Brien Institute member who has recently won an award and would like to be recognized, please email