Feb. 28, 2024

Help revitalize the Alberta Public Health Association

2024 call for Board Members

The Alberta Public Health Association (APHA) is a provincial volunteer-driven, not-for-profit association representing public health in Alberta and is Alberta’s only independent public health voice. APHA has a voluntary membership that includes any individual engaged in public health or has an interest in public health. The mission of the APHA is to be an independent, credible, and evidenced-based advocate for public health and health equity in Alberta. 

Why serve on the APHA Board of Directors 

Public health in Alberta is facing many challenges including a lack of capacity, limited resources, health services reorganization, and a divisive public health policy environment. A strong public health voice matters more than ever in these difficult times. As an independent non-profit organization that transcends professional roles and sectors, the APHA plays an essential role in championing, protecting, and supporting public health in Alberta. However, the challenges faced by public health have impacted the essential role that APHA plays. We are looking for dedicated board members to help us strengthen the voice of public health in Alberta. 

What skills is the APHA is looking for 

APHA is looking for dedicated individuals that have experience in public health with demonstrated skills in, but not limited to, governance and strategic planning, communications and social media, policy analysis and development, community engagement, public health advocacy, government engagement, health equity, multi-sectoral/health-in-all polices approaches, fundraising, and financial management. 

Vacant Board of Directors Positions: 

President (1 position) 

  • Provides strategic leadership. 
  • Ensures the proper application of the bylaws, policies, and procedures of the Association. 
  • Acts as APHA spokesperson or authorize this role to other Board members as required. 
  • Is an ex-officio member of all Committees. 
  • Two-year term followed by two-year term as Past President. 

President-Elect (1 position) 

  • In the absence of the President, assumes the duties and responsibilities of the President. 
  • Assumes the office of the President when the President’s term of office expires. 
  • Two-year term followed by two-year term as President. 

Treasurer (1 position) 

  • Ensures the receipt of funds and that proper accounting processes and procedures are used. 
  • Prepares and keeps financial books, records and the annual budget as directed by the Board. 
  • Performs other financial duties as shall be directed by the Board.
  • Serves on the Funding Committee. 
  • Finance experience, experience as a treasurer preferred, or at least one-year served as a Board member. 
  • Two-year term. 

Secretary (1 position) 

  • Ensures the preparation and distribution of the minutes of the proceedings of all APHA meetings. 
  • Completes all meeting minutes and ensures that minutes and all correspondence are archived. 
  • Prepares and sends notices of meetings. 
  • Performs such other duties as shall be directed by the Board. 
  • Two-year term. 

Director-at-Large (5 positions) 

  • Serves on at least one Board committee. 
  • Actively contributes to developing and achieving the Committee objectives. 
  • Performs other such duties as shall be directed by the Board. 
  • Two-year term. 

Participation on Board Committees 

All Board members are expected to participate on Board Committees, which are tasked-based committees that perform the work of the Board. Committees facilitate the division of work to be done. Committees include Governance, Membership and Communications, Public Issues, Funding and Partnerships, and Student. For more information on APHA Board Committees please see our website

Time commitment 

The Board of Directors meets in-person or virtually 6 to 8 times per year. The average time commitment will depend on the Board role, but typically varies between 5-10 hours per month. 

Board nomination 

To put your name forward as a nominee, or to nominate someone, please provide: 

  1. Name and contact information and Board position being sought. 
  2. A statement of eligibility (maximum 500 words) indicating how your/the nominee’s experience fits with the skills associated with the position of nomination. If you nominate someone, you must include a statement from that person that they are willing to serve if elected. Please consider the following suggestions in drafting the statement: 
  • Consider including information regarding your/the nominee’s background such as education, relevant work experience, skills related to public health, and why you are standing for election (or nominating this person) and what you (or your nominee) would contribute to the Board. 
  • This statement is an introduction to members who do not know you/nominee so endeavour to represent personality and interests accurately. 

Please forward your statement to APHA President, Angeline Webb at awebb@ualberta.ca. The statement must be received no later than end-of-day March 20, 2024. APHA Board Members and/or select volunteers will review nominations and will determine the eligibility of each nominee. Approved nominees will be put forward for election at the AGM. 

All nominees must be APHA members in good standing. To become a direct member please visit our website or become a conjoint APHA-CPHA member. 

Please note board recruitment is an ongoing process. If board vacancies occur or are not filled, nominations are accepted throughout the year. 


For more information, please contact APHA President, Angeline Webb at awebb@ualberta.ca.