July 27, 2023

Call for biomedical engineering senior capstone design projects

Soliciting projects and ideas for senior capstone design projects
Female noise and vibration engineer oversees student testing vibrations through software

The Department of Biomedical Engineering is soliciting projects and ideas for their senior capstone design projects.

The fourth-year capstone design courses bring groups of students together to apply their academic and engineering skills in a single unique project.  Listed below are the potential benefits of your participation via project sponsorship.

  • Give back to the community and create a strong corporate or research connection with the University of Calgary and our undergraduate students.
  • Experience personalized professional development by mentoring a group of engineering students.  Note that mentoring time from participating in this program can be reported as PDH with APEGA.
  • Get help on back-burner type projects that have been lingering in your company.
  • Find a new perspective on old issues by working with engineering students through a disciplined engineering design process.
  • Gain recruiting exposure with the graduating class of engineering students.

Through our experience connecting industry and research labs with design education, they have found the following project criteria that help both the students, and the project sponsors succeed.

  • Projects should involve the aspects of design, engineering analysis, and verification.
  • Projects should have a scope suitable for a group of 4-6 students working over an 8-month period.  The expected number of hours spent on all aspects of this course is 260 hours of work per student over an 8-month period.  This includes individual studies, technical work, meetings, documentation, and project management.
  • Projects should not have urgent or strict deadlines.
  • Projects should be flexible and allow for multiple solution ideas to be explored.
  • Project outcomes should satisfy a demonstrable need and have value to your organization.
  • Projects leading to physical prototypes are preferred if prototype can be made at a reasonable cost and within the timeline of the course.
  • Projects should use known technology – there is not enough time in the course for large technological uncertainties that relate more with research and developmental aspects.

Learn more: Information for Proposing Capstone Design projects

Fill out this form by Aug. 4 if you have a design idea